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Funny License Plates

Depending on the country you are in they may or may not allow vanity plates for cars. If they do there are certainly a variety of options out there if you decide to make a funny license plate.

Option #1. Shorten whatever you are trying to say to make something funny. Its really not as funny as you think however.

Option #2. Use whatever else is on the license plate to add to it, making something more interesting / more funny. Virginia's optional "Kids First" license plates have been a constant mockery for cannibalism and other things. ie. EATTHE kids first. (That particular license plate was later banned, although not because of potential cannibalism.)

Option #3. Add something extra to the license plate which when used in combination is funnier. See the Metallica example below.

Option #4. Make the license plate upside down (illegal in most places) or make the joke only readable when its seen in a mirror.

Option #5. Make fun of something else on your car, such as a bumper sticker or spare tire cover (See the Pirate one below. Arrrrrr!)

We recommend keeping it clean and legal. Its no fun with the government takes away your license plate even though it was effing hilarious.

We also recommend not making anything that looks like you are bragging. Nobody likes a braggart.

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